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     ALcontrol Labs

    Current Legionella Control Certificate of Registration




    Aquastorage system cleansing ltd. offer a comprehensive, independent service, tailored to meet client’s individual requirements. These services include full Legionella risk assessments presented within a on-site log books including written scheme and other relevant control measure forms, Sampling and Analysis for Leigonella and drinking water, Legionella onsite awareness & control measure training, onsite Legionella  audits, refurbishments to hot and cold water storage tanks, and ultimately cleaning and disinfecting of part or whole of the stored water systems.

    ASC specialise in helping our clients comply with their legal requirements of water. As members of the Legionella control association (LCA), ASC are able to provide effective solutions for the management and prevention of legionnaire’s disease on your premises, and have experience across of a whole range of industries and systems. All of our work is carried out within the health and safety executives approved code of practice (ACoP L8) & BS8580:2010. Our range of services is designed to help you meet your operational and budgetary requirements whilst making sure you satisfy your legal and moral obligations to manage your premises safely. 

    The requirements set out in the ACoP are simple. Initially a risk assessment must be undertaken by a competent person or organisation to identify if a risk of exposure to Legionella is present. The outcome of the risk assessment will determine the areas of your water systems that are at risk and the extent of control which must be taken.

    To ensure you get the help from a competent person or organisation for Legionella control you should start your search with the legionella control association, a national association recognised and supported by the HSE and even identified in the ACoP. The association was established to give buyers of legionella control services access to organisations who are competent and bound to providing good standards of service. To find out more about the legionella control association visit the LCA website: 

    Aquastorage system cleansing is able to provide cost effective legionella control packages to suit your requirements and most importantly your budget. From risk assessments to shower head cleaning, we are able to tailor our services to meet your needs. We will even take complete ownership of legionella control at your premises to allow you to be free from worry and to concentrate on other matters to hand.



    Legionella risk assessments carried out every 2 years or if any significant changes to water systems or a change of use to the building (Health & Safety law requirement)
    Weekly flushing of little used outlets
    Monthly water temperature checks
    Quarterly or more frequently if necessary shower head disinfection
    Six monthly incoming cold water main temperature checks
    Annual visual inspection & cleaning as necessary of domestic cold water storage tanks
    Annual visual inspection & flushing of hot water calorifiers
    Annual temperature monitoring of representative outlets
    Strict maintenance of cooling towers & Evaporative condensers (air conditioning units)