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     ALcontrol Labs

    Current Legionella Control Certificate of Registration


    Many organisations do not have the time or resources available to implement an effective monitoring and servicing regime to meet the requirements for good Legionella control. ASC can assist with all aspects of compliance, from a total water care package to individual tasks working in conjunction with site personnel.

    Legionella monitoring services include:

    • Hot and cold water system temperature checks
    • Showerhead & Hose Disinfections
    • Thermostatic mixing valve checks and servicing
    • Cold water storage tank and calorifier visual inspections

    ASC will also provide you with a fully compliant onsite logbook and procedures for managing and controlling the issues raised in your Legionella risk assessment. In addition we can provide routine audits to ensure your system remains compliant.

    Water sampling and analysis of the samples is often required to ensure that the water quality controls are effective. Working in harmony with our UKAS accredited laboratory partners, ASC is able to undertake sampling and analysis and provide advice and guidance on water used in a range applications; including:

    • Legionella 
    • Drinking water
    • Private water supplies
    • Swimming and spa pools

    Typical controls for hot & cold water systems

    The main way to control Legionella is by keeping water temperatures outside the range in which the bacteria readily survive which is 20 to 45C. You should aim to store hot water above 60°C to reach the tap above 50°C. Cold water should be stored and distributed below 20°c.

    Monthly monitoring of the temperatures of hot and cold water at sentinel taps (the first and last tap in the system) is recommended covering annually a representative number of the remaining taps on a rotational basis. Temperatures for taps fitted with thermostatic controls (TMV’s) should be taken at the pipe as close to the TMV as possible. TMV’s should be fitted as close to the outlet (tap) as possible to minimise growth opportunities for Legionella to grow.


    Infrequently used taps and other outlets should be identified and flushed through weekly. Shower heads should be dismantled, cleaned and descaled quarterly.

    To find out more about our legionella monitoring services, please contact ASC today.